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Your best aid in controlling your equipment

MY.CAT.COM is a website brought to you by Caterpillar where you can get access to all your equipment data from any location, using any device and with a single login. There you’ll find critical data about all the machines you use, plus helpful tools to make your operations more effective and increase equipment productivity.
01Keep your equipment at peak capacity
Use My.Cat.Com’s condition monitoring and preventive maintenance workflow to maximize uptime and reliability.
  • Fluid Analysis – Find the issues too small to see with the unaided eye by using Cat® S•O•SSM Services.
  • Inspections – Results from Cat® Inspect make it easy to catch problems before they become failures.
  • Maintenance Tracking – Optimize uptime with maintenance alerts based on equipment utilization.
  • Fault Codes – Your Product Link-equipped assets could be warning you of impending health issues.
  • Tasks – Turn condition monitoring data into immediate actions.


02Master equipment ownership
Cover the basics with hours and location or make the tough calls to right-size your fleet by staying connected to your assets’ operations and costs.
  • Equipment Inventory – See all of your company’s assets – rented and owned, Cat and non-Cat, with telematics or without.
  • Invoice and Transactional History – Keep track of your costs with service history and rental invoices.
  • Hours – Get an accurate and up to date view of your service meters.*
  • Location – Monitor for unauthorized use or track down that attachment left at your last job.*
  • Utilization and Benchmarking Reports – Stay close to the work done on the jobsite through asset data and insights.*
*Automated data feeds with Cat Daily and VisionLink® subscriptions, enabled by Product Link


03Open a digital portfolio for your assets
No more chasing down paper records or manuals – access the critical information you need, on your schedule, from wherever you are.
  • Contracts and Agreements – Monitor warranty periods, dealer support agreements, and service letters.
  • Operating and Maintenance Manuals – Enjoy easy access to the guidance you need most right from the source.
  • Work Order and Service History – View a complete record of service for your assets in one tool.
  • Advice Center – Get advice on buying, owning, operating, and maintaining your equipment from qualified experts.
  • Common Parts List – That maintenance job with a long list of parts? We’ve got you covered. Put together and edit your own list of parts and consumables that meet your needs.
And that’s just the beginning. As you take a closer look at all the features and opportunities provided by My.Cat.Com, you will discover many more useful tools and solutions for your business.

When you’re online, My.Cat.Com makes it easy to track equipment, take action on alerts, order parts,

schedule service or find more details about your assets. My.Cat.Com is the one place to access all your equipment information with a single login.