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Our vision is “to be the leading service provider for the business segments we work with and to contribute much more than our competitors into the development and success of our Customers”. To effectively translate this vision into reality, we treat ‘information’ as a corporate asset that has to be carefully managed, just like the best international practices suggest.

In line with our corporate goals and strategies, we seek to ensure the appropriate level of information security in all our operations in compliance with the existing business requirements. Within this framework, our company and all its employees are committed to the following principles:

  • To ensure confidentiality of information and make it available to our employees only for the purposes of fulfilment of their duties and responsibilities.

  • To guard information against unauthorized changes, ensure its integrity and provide for ways of identifying unauthorized changes in case they occur.

  • To ensure the availability of information as necessitated by business operations and processes.

  • To assess information security risks, control these risks and develop risk management programs to ensure continuous improvement and enchantment of our information systems.

  • To comply with the applicable laws and regulations pertaining to information and to abide by the relevant rules and principles of Borusan Cat Kazakhstan.

  • To make sure that our employees and suppliers are sufficiently aware of and have understood the information security requirements and practices and to ensure the compliance of their business operations with our corporate policies in this area.

  • To deal with information security incidents in accordance with the ethical principles of our company.

  • To use appropriate up-to-date IT technologies for maintaining reliability, accuracy and relevance of information and electronic data to facilitate effective decision-making, corporate governance and business management.

  • To ensure uninterrupted operation of our information infrastructure to meet the requirements and needs of our Customers and comply with the applicable international standards.

  • To take all the necessary steps to safeguard the confidentiality of information, especially customer information and personal data, using the appropriate protective measures including policies, processes and relevant technologies.

  • To provide access to information only with the information owner’s consent or for the purposes of meeting the requirements of applicable laws and regulations.


Aman Shakenov
General Director, Borusan Makina Kazakhstan TOO IP