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Caterpillar's exclusive design ownership provides advantages by creating a total hauling unit that delivers the best integration of high production, availability, and payload in combination with low operating cost and long life. The Cat® 789D continues the tradition of Caterpillar's proven 789 Truck with high productivity and lowest in class cost per ton.

Nominal Rated Payload 194 t
Rated Gross Machine Weight 324319 kg
Gross Power - SAE J1995 1566 kW

Technicial Specifications

Weights - Approximate
Nominal Rated Payload 194 t
Rated Gross Machine Weight 324319 kg
Chassis Weight 99129 kg
Gross Power - SAE J1995 1566 kW
Engine Model Cat® 3516C HD
Rated Net Power - ISO 9249 1468 kW
Bore 170 mm
Stroke 210 mm
Displacement 78.1 l
Net Power 1468 kW
Gross Power 1566 kW
Body - Dual Slope
Body Weight 27526 kg
Optional Engine
Engine Model Cat® 3516B EUI
Gross Power 1417 kW
Rated Net Power - ISO 9249 1335 kW
Bore 170 mm
Stroke 190 mm
Displacement 69 l
Operating Specifications
Standard MSD Body (SAE 2:1) 130 m³
Standard X Body (SAE 2:1) 123 m³
Standard Dual Slope Body (SAE 2:1) 108 m³
Standard Combi Body (SAE 2:1) 153 m³
Standard Gateless Coal Body (SAE 2:1) 191 m³
Weight Distributions - Approximate
Front Axle - Empty 46 %
Rear Axle - Empty 54 %
Front Axle - Loaded 33 %
Rear Axle - Loaded 67 %
Note Weight distributions optimized with Cat body.
Steering Standards SAE J1511 OCT90 ISO 5010:1992
Steering Angle 36.07 °
Turning Diameter - Front Wheel 27.53 m
Vehicle Clearance - Turn Circle 30.23 m
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank - Standard 2082 l
Fuel Tank - Optional 3785 l
Cooling System 725 l
Crankcase 291 l
Differential - Final Drives 583 l
Steering System 189 l
Brake Hoist System 909 l
Transmission Tank 76 l
Forward - 1 12.6 km/h
Forward - 2 17.1 km/h
Forward - 3 23.1 km/h
Forward - 4 31.2 km/h
Forward - 5 42.3 km/h
Forward - 6 57.2 km/h
Reverse 11.8 km/h
Top Speed - Loaded 57.2 km/h
Final Drives
Differential Ratio 2.35:1
Planetary Ratio 10.83:1
Total Reduction Ratio 25.46:1
Effective Cylinder Stroke - Front 105 mm
Effective Cylinder Stroke - Rear 93 mm
Rear axle - Oscillation ±5.6°
Brake Surface - Front 81693 cm²
Brake Surface - Rear 116283 cm²
Standards SAE J1473 OCT90 ISO 3450:1996
Body Hoists
Pump Flow - High Idle 731 l/min
Relief Valve Setting - Raise 17238 kPa
Body Raise Time - High Idle 18.9 s
High Idle Body Lower Time - Float 17.3 s
High Idle Body Lower Time - Power 15.6 s
Standard Tires 37.00-R57
Optional Tires 40.00-R57
ROPS Standards Standards
Sound Standards Standards

Advantages and Features



From slip-resistant surfaces and guard rails to state-of-the-art collision avoidance technologies, the Cat 789D is infused with features to help operators feel safe and confident on the job.

— 600-mm (24-in) wide stairway and operator walkways
— Retractable, seat/shoulder belts with three-point operator restraint
— Wide-angle mirrors
— Body raised indicator
— Body retaining cable
— Guard rails
— Reverse neutralizer when dumping
— Low interior sound level
— Secondary steering system
— Ground level access shutoff switches
— Powered Access option
— Optional integrated Object Detection System



Most popular 191-tonne (210-ton) truck in the mining industry
— 80% of the industry
— Delivering results for decades
— Easy to operate and maintain


The 789D delivers a faster speed on grade than competitive trucks, reducing cycle times and lowering overall costs. The 3500 series engines are 16-cylinder, four-stroke designs that use long, effective power strokes for more complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency.
— The 23% net torque rise provides unequaled lugging force during acceleration, on steep grades and in rough underfoot conditions. Torque rise effectively matches transmission shift points for maximum efficiency and fast cycle times.
— And expanded tire options allow mines to take advantage of higher speeds, particularly in flat long-haul high-speed applications.


Like all Cat mechanical-drive trucks, the 789D features four-corner oil-cooled brakes and Automatic Retarding Control to improve handling and machine control so operators can work quickly and confidently.

Power to the ground

The Cat mechanical drive power train and power shift transmission provides unmatched operating efficiency and control on steep grades, in poor underfoot conditions, and on haul roads with high rolling resistance.



The individual components, software, systems and engine that go inside a Cat truck have different purposes, but they have one very important thing in common: They are all manufactured by Caterpillar and supported by the Cat dealer network.

This integration ensures that the entire truck — from body to bumper, engine to electronics — can be fully optimized to deliver the lowest cost per ton.


No one knows more about how to get the most from a piece of Cat equipment than your local Cat dealer. This one-of-a-kind, on-the-ground support network delivers expert service, integrated solutions, after-sales support, fast and efficient parts fulfilment, world-class rebuild and remanufacturing capabilities, and more.

Cat dealers operate as nearly 200 local businesses — each one fully embedded in and committed to the geographic area it serves. That means you work with people you know, who know your business, and who respond on your timeframe.



Governments and regulatory agencies mandate that you establish and follow environmentally sound policies and practices as you meet the demand for mined materials. We're focused on doing our part to make sure our trucks help you meet those regulations.


We've designed the 789D with a number of enhancements that lessen its impact on the environment. Features like oil renewal systems, continuous rear axle filtration, extended life filters and longer maintenance intervals decrease the amount of waste contributed to the environment.

We also continue to research alternative energy sources such as biofuels (B20) and a liquefied natural gas-supplied Dynamic Gas Blending solutions to find new ways to reduce emissions. In addition, we preserve raw materials, conserve energy and reduce emissions through the Cat Reman program, which returns end-of-life components to like-new condition.


The 789D comes with two engine options: the Cat 3516B and 3516C EUI. Both of these quad turbocharged diesel engines deliver high power and reliability in the world's most demanding mining applications. The engines are 16-cylinder, four-stroke designs that use long, effective power strokes for more complete fuel combustion and optimum efficiency.

Oil Renewal System

Optional oil renewal system extends engine oil change intervals from 500 hours to 4,000 hours or more to increase machine availability and reduce costs.

Fuel Efficiency

The engine provides additional retarding by running against compression on downhill hauls. During retarding applications the engine ECM does not inject fuel into the cylinders for exceptional fuel economy.


Cat trucks are designed to last over 100,000 hours, and many are going well beyond that. The frame, powertrain, engine and components are built to be rebuilt — using new, remanufactured or rebuilt parts and components — so you can take advantage of multiple lives of like-new performance at a fraction-of-new price.

Operating Cost


Contradicting a common belief that bigger is better, the 789D has a weight advantage over larger trucks so you can haul more with every load.
—The 789D also delivers a 10-15% cost per ton advantage over competitive trucks, depending on application.


The 789D has been a dependable performer on mine sites for decades, delivering high availability, reliability and reduced costs that come with long life — from the engine and powertrain to the components, brakes and frame.
— Component life is further enhanced thanks to the standard rear-axle continuous filtration feature, which operates when the engine is running.
— Cleaner oil helps promote longer lubrication that leads to longer life.

Technology Solutions

Cat® MineStar™ Solutions

Whether you want to address a single challenge or make step changes in the overall safety, efficiency and productivity of your surface operation, Cat® MineStar™ has a solution for you. MineStar is the mining industry's most comprehensive and thoroughly integrated suite of technology offerings.


Cat Fleet helps you identify opportunities to improve truck efficiency in ways that reduce costs, boost productivity and add real value to your bottom line.
— Eliminate Queuing
— Optimize Shift Changes
— Reduce Fuel Stops


This autonomous hauling solution helps improve productivity, efficiency and profitability while reducing overall costs.

What if your trucks could respond to calls to the shovel, move into position, haul to dump points and even report for maintenance — all without an operator on board? That's what Cat Command for hauling enables.

But this autonomous Cat MineStar solution is more than just an operator-free system. It takes advantage of the most sophisticated technologies available to deliver a next-generation haulage solution — one that boosts safety, productivity and availability on busy mine sites, especially those in difficult or remote locations. With autonomous hauling, the future is here — and we're there to help you bring it to your operation.


With the MineStar Detect proximity detection system, you can equip your 789D with cameras to give your operators a better view of what's happening around their equipment — or combine cameras and radar into a true object detection system that automatically alerts operators to hazards.

You can even add satellite capabilities to provide proximity warnings and avoidance zones, seat-belt monitoring that encourages operators to buckle up, and in-cab systems that intervene when they detect fatigue or distraction.

Road Analysis Control (RAC)

Optional system monitors haul road conditions by measuring frame rack and pitch to improve haul road maintenance, cycle times, tire life and fuel efficiency.

Truck Body Systems


When it comes to truck bodies, one size does not fit all. And when it comes to your Cat truck, Cat bodies are the best choice. We follow a dynamic approach to engineering — treating the body as part of a system rather than a static structure. Cat bodies are designed to be an integral part of the entire vehicle system, ensuring you achieve maximum chassis life.
— They're sized to meet payload requirements without compromise to vehicle balance, braking or control.
— From the design to the materials, manufacturing to shipping, the entire process meets Cat standards of quality and control.
— The Caterpillar exclusive 10/10/20 payload guidelines help achieve a balance of excellent payload with safe operation.


A new lightweight design that provides durability along with a higher payload.

The HP body features robust top rail geometry with internal stiffeners and a high-visibility load placement indicator.
— Floating bolsters and spring plates improve overall durability by avoiding welds in high stress areas.
— In addition, the body requires only minimal liner coverage due to thicker and harder base plates.
— Curved front / side transitions minimize carryback.


For mature mines with good operational and maintenance practices, the lighter weight MSD II body is available in several sizes. It is a customer / site specific body that is designed to maximize performance.


This specialized high-volume body, available in several sizes, is targeted at dedicated coal haulage applications with minimal impact.


The original standard body, the Dual Slope body provides excellent load retention, maintains a low center of gravity with optimum load distribution, reduces shock loading and is available in lined and unlined configurations.

Custom Body Options

A variety of options including tail extensions, sideboards, tumble bars, rock boxes and rock shedders are available to maintain rated payload, reduce spillage and improve hauling efficiencies.


Tie Off Points

Enhances working environment during service of recommended maintenance areas.

Servicing Ease

Easy access to daily service points simplifies servicing and reduces time spent on regular maintenance procedures. Enhanced serviceability and 500-hour service intervals are designed to increase machine availability and productivity.

Maintenance Platform

Provides access to engine, steering hydraulic tank, and battery compartment.

In-Frame Access

Permits easy access to major components for easy servicing and removal.

Ground-Level Access

Allows convenient servicing to tanks, filters, drains, and engine shutdown. Ground-level VIMS data port permits easier downloading of information.


Automatic lubrication system reduces maintenance time by automatically lubricating necessary components on a regular basis.

Fast Fill Service Center

Optional fast fill service center features high speed fuel and oil exchange.

Scheduled Oil Sampling

S•O•S℠ sampling valves speed sampling and analysis reliability.

Pressure Test Points

Disconnect valves are conveniently located throughout the hydraulic systems for easy pressure testing.

Sealed Electrical Connectors

Electrical connectors are sealed to lock out dust and moisture. Harnesses are braided for protection. Wires are color coded for easy diagnosis and repair.

Cylinder Heads

Individual cylinder heads are interchangeable for easy removal and visual inspection of internal parts.

On-Board Diagnostic Systems

The VIMS system continuously monitors all critical machine functions and components to help locate faults quickly for faster repair.

Standard Equipment

    • Diesel engine/turbocharged/aftercooled:
      –Ground level engine shutdown
      –Ether starting aid (automatic
      – Aftercooler (separate circuit or air to air)
      – Elevated low idle control
      – Automatic starter protection
      – Multi-point all pressure sensing
    • Braking system:
      –Brake release motor (towing)
      – Oil-cooled, multi-disc (front and rear)
      – (service retarding, parking, secondary)
      – Automatic Retarder Control
      – Engine overspeed protection
      – Extended life brake disc material
    • Transmission:
      – 6-speed, automatic powershift with electronic control (TCC)
      – Controlled throttle shifting; Individual clutch modulation
      – Body-up shift inhibitor
      – Directional shift management
      – Downshift/reverse shift inhibitor
      – Oil level sensor
      – Neutral start switch/coast inhibitor
      – Body-up reverse neutralizer
      – Programmable top gear
      – Lock-up torque converter
      – Rear axle continuous lubrication/filtration
    • Alarm, backup
    • Alternator, 105 amp
    • Batteries, 12V (2), 93 amp-hour
    • Converter, 12V electrical
    • Electrical system, 24V, 15 amp
    • Lighting system:
      – Backup and hazard lights; Auxiliary work lights (2) rear, (1) RH side, (1) LH side; Directional signals (front and rear LED)
      – Engine compartment lights
      – External payload lights
      – Headlights with lo-hi beam selector
      – Ladder light and service deck lights
      – Left-hand ladder/service deck
      – Stop/tail lights (LED)
      – VIMS, blue light (LED)
      – Operator seat
      –Non-suspension trainer seat
      – Flip down front visor
      – Standard side of cab access
      – Heated and ventilated operator seat
      – Suspension trainer seat
      – Retractable front visor
      – Rear of cab access and standard side of cab access
      – Vacuum, cab clean-out
      – Operator Footrest
      – Heated and ventilated operator seat
      – Suspension trainer seat
      – Retractable front visor
      – Rear of cab access and standard side of cab access
      – Vacuum
      –cab clean-out
      –Operator Footrest
      – Deluxe Diffuser
    • Air conditioner
    • Auxiliary power connection/cigarette lighter
    • Diagnostic connection port
    • Dome courtesy light
    • Entertainment Radio Ready: 5 amp converter, Speakers, Antenna wiring
    • Gauges/indicators: Air cleaner service indicator; Quad gauge panel: Air pressure, Brake oil temperature, Engine coolant temperature, Fuel level
    • Electric hour meter
    • Electric engine control fault indicator
    • Engine idle shutdown
    • Mirrors, right and left
    • Speedometer
    • Tachometer
    • Transmission gear indicator
    • VIMS message center with universal gauge
    • VIMS keypad
    • Heater/defroster (11 070 kCal/43,930 BTU)
    • Horn
    • Hoist, body control (electric)
    • Integrated object detection system
    • ROPS cab, insulated/sound suppressed
    • Seatbelt, operator, 75 mm/3" wide
    • Seatbelt, trainer, two points
    • Stairway and walkway access, 600 mm (24 in)
    • Steering wheel, tilt, padded, telescopic
    • Window, operator, electric powered
    • Windshield wiper, intermittent control and washer
    • Extended Life Coolant to -35° C (-30° F)
    • Air line dryer
    • Auto lubrication system
    • Auxiliary “buddy” dumping quick connect
    • Auxiliary steering quick connect (towing)
    • Body mounting group
    • Center mounted rims (6) (29×57) (used for 37.00-R57 tires)
    • Driveline guard (fully enclosed)
    • Fast fill fuel system
    • Ground level VIMS data port
    • Ground level battery disconnect
    • Rock ejectors
    • Supplemental steering (automatic)
    • Tie off points
    • Tow hooks (front)
    • Tow pin (rear)
    • Traction Control System
    • Vital Information Management System

Optional Equipment

  • BODY
    • Dual slope body: Body, dual slope, 109 m3 (142 yd3)
    • Dual slope body attachments:
      – Extensions, 457 mm (18"), side, DS, 123 m3 (161 yd3)
      – Extension, wraparound tail, DS
      – Liner, entire body, DS
      – Liner, wraparound, DS, 450 BHN
      – Rock deflector, rear tire, DS
    • X body: Body, X, 123 m3 (161 yd3)
    • X body attachments: Extensions, side, X, 185 mm (7"), 131 m3 (171 yd3); Extensions, side, X, 385 mm (15"), 138 m3 (181 yd3)
    • MSD II body: Body, MSD II, 130 m3 (170 yd3)
    • MSD II body attachments:
      – Extensions, side, MSD II, 141 m3 (185 yd3)
      – Extensions, side, MSD II, 153 m3 (200 yd3)
    • Combination body: Body, combi, 153 m3 (200 yd3)
    • Combination body attachments: Extensions, side, combi, 195 m3 (255 yd3)
    • Gateless coal body: Body, gateless coal, 191 m3 (250 yd3)
    • Gateless coal body attachments: Extensions, side, coal, 214 m3 (280 yd3); Extensions, side, coal, 237 m3 (310 yd3)
    • Body lighting group - rear:
      – Directional signals (LED)
      – Stop/tail lights (LED)
    • Lockout transmission, ground level
    • Auxiliary work lights (1) RH side, (1) LH side
    • Prelube, engine
    • Oil renewal system
    • Rear axle, cooler
    • Information management: Control, road analysis (RAC)
    • Cold weather: Brake oil, recirculating; Cold weather start
    • Service center:
      – Service, 3516B, standard volume
      – Service, 3516B, large volume
      – Service, 3516C, standard volume
      – Service, 3516C, large volume
      – Service, engine oil, standard
    • Miscellaneous:
      – Fire extinguisher, portable
      – Hub odometer, kilometers
      – Wheel chocks
      – Gauge, brake wear indicator
    • Coolant, -50° C (-58° F)