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Borusan Cat Kazakhstan has been a representative of the Australian brand Allight Sykes® since 2014. Created in 1967, Allight Sykes is one of the world’s leading producers of fully-automatic self-priming pumps that have been successfully used at Kazakhstan’s largest copper mines since 2014.

A wide range of highly-durable and reliable dewatering pumps for a variety of uses and environments – from urban worksites to flood water control – offers solutions that meet all kinds of water management needs. Universally recognized as one of the most energy-efficient and reliable pumps on the market, Sykes pumps offer reduced downtime and energy consumption as well as the lowest operating and ownership costs throughout the entire life-cycle.

All the internal metal components are made of tough 316 stainless steel as standard. In addition, the pumps can run dry for extended periods of time without sustaining any damage. For example, the most popular XH150 model can run dry for 4 hours with all the internal parts of the pump remaining in prefer working order. And when the level of water rises again, the pump automatically self-primes and keeps on working. Allight Sykes high-capacity pumps cans be used for handling fluids with high content of mechanical impurities (up to 93 mm), sludge, dirt, salt water and sewage water.

Another especially important aspect is that the Australian producer provides ample and very professional support to its Customers – its instructors regularly visit Kazakhstan and give comprehensive recommendations on how to use Allight Sykes pumps more efficiency.

For a company owning such a pump, it means less downtime, fewer unscheduled repairs, high-quality maintenance and extended service life of the equipment.

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