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Borusan Cat Kazakhstan has been a representative of RCT® for more than 12 years. Remote Control Тechnologies Pty Ltd. (RCT) is an Australian company specializing in remote and teleremote systems like Control Master® that enhance the work safety and efficiency of surface and underground mining operations and works done in other hazardous environments.

RCT is an innovative and dynamic developer of smart technologies, a leading provider of automation and control solutions and information, data and protection systems which can be deployed across all machine types, regardless of their make or model, operating all over the world.

RCT leverages insight, knowledge and technology to revolutionize the mining and industrial sectors. It specializes in automation of processes, protection of equipment and operators, controlling machines and designing information systems. RCT is the only company in the world that provides a whole range of trusted, platform-independent, compatible and scalable solutions that can be integrated with third-party systems.

The company helps its Customers increase the utilization efficiency and performance of their mobile equipment by providing a wide range of solutions, global technical support network, maintenance services and parts.

With Customers in 71 countries worldwide and more than 48 years of experience, RCT provides its Customers the advantages of measurable value – increased profitability, productivity, efficiency and safety for their business.

Beside innovative smart technology solutions, RCT is known for the quality of maintenance and support it provides to its Customers. RCT collaborates closely with all its Customers, listens to their needs and expectations and takes up joint approach to research, innovations, designing, manufacturing, installation and training of operators, which enables it to provide cutting-edge comprehensive solutions meeting specific project requirements.

Such diligent approach has made RCT a leading provider of smart systems of remote control, telematics and automated remote monitoring for mining industry both in Australia and worldwide. In 2008 Borusan Cat Kazakhstan delivered the first package of teleremote control equipment for a Cat® R1300 underground loader at Tishinsky Mine owned by Kazzinc.

And as of today:

  • Kazzinc LLP uses 68 units of remote control systems to manage its underground machines to ensure safety in hazardous areas (Teleremote and Line-of-Sight),
  • Alel FIC JSC uses 4 units of АТХ1000 system (Line-of-Sight),
  • Vostoktsvetmet LLP uses 4 units of АТХ1000 and 4 units of АТХ2200,
  • Altyntau Kokshetau JSC uses 1 unit of АТХ1000 (used to operate a Cat D10T2 dozer).

Kazzinc is using the teleremote control systems to operate load haul dumpers. RCT representatives provided telesupport to the technicians of Borusan Cat Kazakhstan who were installing the remote control systems and integrating them with the work processes of Kazzinc.

In the second half of 2020, a system of remote control was implemented at Vostoktsvetmet’s Vasilkovskoye Gold Mine. RCT was also providing technical support to the local technicians during the integration of the technology. Now, when working in high-risk zones – under high faces and near the edge of ledges where ground failure may occur – operators can control the dozers remotely. Borusan Cat Kazakhstan’s technicians received training in RCT technologies which enables the Kazakhstani company to be up to the international standards when doing maintenance of these smart systems.

The remote control systems are abundantly used in mining worldwide and prized for the safety and comfort they provide to heavy machine operators.

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