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Today, many mining companies use transfer water pumps. Very often there is a need to quickly pump ground water, sludge, mud, liquids containing a large amount of mechanical impurities.

Company Allight Sykes offers pumps to fully automatic filling of water in 2 versions: vacuum and compressor. Compressor Prime is an automatic priming system that uses a blast of compressed air through an internal nozzle, creating a vacuum in the pump casing and suction line for fast, trouble-free and continuous priming, even in incomplete immersion and air suction conditions. The filling system has no moving parts, which significantly reduces maintenance requirements.

These pumps proved to be excellent at the Kaz Minerals Bozshakol LLP field in Kazakhstan, where it was required to pump out a mothballed quarry for further development.

2 pumps of the Allight Sykes company model XH150 in 80 days pumped out 1,374,630 m3 of water:

We bring to your attention the performance of the pumps, depending on the models:


  • Pumping clean water;
  • Pumping mud solutions;
  • Sludge pumping;
  • Wastewater pumping;
  • Pumping liquids containing large amounts of solids;
  • Mineless drainage.


  • Mining;
  • Construction;
  • Careers;
  • Drilling;
  • Environmental protection.


  • Fully automatic water filling;
  • Self-priming and refilling during dry operation;
  • Removal of mechanical impurities up to 90 mm in size;
  • Diesel, electric or hydraulic drive;
  • Suction height - up to 9m;
  • Easily replaceable wear parts;
  • Internal pump parts are 316 stainless steel;
  • Mounting support - skids, trailer, base with guard, on a pallet;
  • All pumps undergo a quality test on certified equipment of the AllightPrimax company.

Standard materials of construction:

  • Wear plates - 316 stainless steel;
  • Shaft - stainless steel 431;
  • Impeller - 316 stainless steel;
  • Pump body - nodular cast iron 400/12.

Spare parts and service:

  • Sykes supplies spare parts for all pump brands produced by the manufacturer.
  • Fast delivery of spare parts.
  • Sykes customer service is ready to meet your needs 24 hours a day.
For all questions you are interested in, please contact Call-center: 8 (800) 080-02-28 REQUEST FORM