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As part of its effort to constantly improve the performance and properties of its products, Caterpillar has upgraded its line of Cat greases. A lot of changes in the names and characteristics of the greases were affected.

The following chart illustrates that while the content of wear resistance enhancing molybdenum disulfide (moly) remained unchanged in the formula, owning to some improvements in the base oil, the protective properties of the grease considerably improved compared to the earlier version of the product. In particular, the weld load was brought from 600 all the way to 800 kg.

Besides providing excellent protection against wear, Car greases have high dropping point, which makes them very stable at high temperatures. Another important advantage of Сat greases is their high resistance to washout. This aspect featured especially well when Cat Prime Application Grease started to be used in one of East Kazakhstan mines where Caterpillar machines are operating in very corrosive waterlogged conditions. Greases of other brands weren’t providing sufficient protection because they just failed to stay on long enough and in sufficient quantities in the wet environment.

Due to their excellent properties, the use of Caterpillar greases helps to ensure uninterrupted, failure-fee operation of machines, increase the equipment uptime and reduce operating expenses.

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