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Orange Ethics Hot Line

Business ethics principles mandatory for the Borusan employees are established by the Business Ethics Committee of Borusan Group. Employees of Borusan Group are obliged to comply with and control business ethics rules in this context.

Orange Ethics hot line has been established for the purposes of fulfilment of these obligations. Employees of Borusan company can use this line to provide information or receive advice in connection with their behavior or behavior of other employees of Borusan company. It is expected that all the information about compliance with ethics rules by the companies and employees of Borusan Goup will be submitted via this hot line.

Business Ethics Committee is responsible for answering questions and provision of information.
Business Ethics Committee of Borusan Holding is responsible for considering complaints and notifications about violation of business ethics rules.

Business Ethics Committee is headed by the Chairman of the Board of Borusan Holding, inspections are performed by the Audit Department of Borusan Holding.

Notifications sent by the employees of Borusan Group or third parties to the Business Ethics Committee are secured. This process is controlled by KMPG audit company. Inspections and investigations are performed by independent experts confidentially.

You can submit your questions and notifications to the Business Ethics Committee of
Borusan holding using the following channels:

E-mail: orangeethics@borusan.com

Website: www.orangeethics.com