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Cat® undercarriage

Cat undercarriage systems provide efficient hydraulic power and superior track motion control. From hydraulic excavators to track-type assemblies and systems, Cat undercarriage provides lower operating maintenance costs and increased life-cycle value. Available in open or closed circuit configuration and variable gauge, these scalable systems provide optimum performance for any size machine over any terrain.

Cat undercarriage is factory and field tested – every component meets strict specifications and quality standards. With longer wear life and lower cost per hour, Cat undercarriage delivers the best return on your investment. Caterpillar undercarriages are employed in construction, material handling, mining, and forestry industries in a wide variety of ways, delivering lower operating and maintenance costs and increased lifecycle value to your machines.  

Cat® SystemOne™ Undercarriage for Elevated Sprocket Machines

Redesigned from the ground up, Cat® SystemOne™ undercarriage is a revolutionary new system created to operate at higher speeds and greater loads, and with components wear at a balanced rate. Caterpillar® engineers redesigned everything including:

Carrier rollers




Track groups


Built to last longer and require less maintenance than you ever thought possible, SystemOne™ ensures greatly extended life and a dramatic drop in owning and operating costs.

Cat® Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Cat® Heavy Duty undercarriage was specifically engineered to match the requirements of medium size machines with an elevated sprocket (D6N, D6T), operating in demanding work environments.

Meant for the toughest jobs, Heavy Duty track features stronger links, pins and bushings that significantly offset the effects of high-impact loads and stresses. Heavy Duty track can extend your undercarriage system life an average of 20% more than Cat SALT, with the greatest benefits realized in aggressive, high-impact applications.

Heavy Duty undercarriage is the best choice for the main machines on the jobsite operating in demanding work environments and performing medium- and high-impact tasks.

Cat® General Duty Undercarriage

Cat® General Duty undercarriage is designed for lower usage machines operating in low- to moderate-impact applications.

25% cheaper than Heavy Duty

20% shorter average life than Heavy Duty

Fixed bushing design. Individual parts cannot be replaced / To be used until complete wear out.

4-year/3,000-hour Undercarriage Assurance (coverage limited with wide track shoes)

Advantages of General Duty undercarriage

Lowest initial costs

Competitive warranty coverage

Bushing can be turned

Best fit for lower usage machines

Designed to meet the needs of lighter duty applications

Undercarriage Assurance

Consider the following limitations:

Not designed for high-impact applications or wear life exceeding 5,000 hours

Undercarriage Assurance no longer applies after bushings are turned

Undercarriage Assurance application is limited with wide track shoes

Comprehensive Support

When you buy a Cat® undercarriage system, you get the support of our Parts, Service and Sales Representatives, professionals who have the tools and expertise to help you manage your undercarriage system. Custom Track Service (CTS) helps monitor the condition of your undercarriage to keep your owning and operating costs low and downtime short.

Regular monitoring and inspection of your track provides data for informed decisions concerning service and improves undercarriage management. Understanding how undercarriage works and wears down is important because by operating and maintaining your undercarriage properly you can reduce the wear and cut the costs. Working together we can maximize the life of your machines and ensure you have the lowest owning and operating costs.

For more information or if you have any questions, please call 8 (800) 080-02-28 toll free in Kazakhstan.  

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