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K Series Tip and Adapter System

Maximum productivity meets hammerless retention

Looking for a vertical retention tip and adapter system that stays sharper, changes easier and holds tighter? Choose the K Series featuring twist-on design and vertical retainer, which together provide reliable retention and easy installation and removal.

  • Improved productivity: Low-profile shape provides optimal sharpness, penetration and digging ability throughout the tip life.
  • Extended life: More wear material can effectively be used before the tips are changed, adding 10-15% more usable life.
  • Increased durability: The tip and adapter fit together precisely to reduce tip movement and adapter wear.
  • Increased safety and reduced maintenance costs: One-piece vertical retainer allows for hammerless installation and removal, with only standard, low-force tools needed.
  • Simplified installation: Rails on both sides of the adapter and twist-on design hold the tip in place allowing for quicker installation.

J Series Tip and Adapter System

Hammerless retention with side pin security when your application demands it

Classic horizontal pin retention system ensures great performance and proven reliability over time, which is crucial for construction and mining industries.

  • Increased versatility: Industry-standard side-pinned design performs across a variety of applications.
  • Enhanced reliability: Weld-on adapters offer excellent retention.
  • Improved safety and maintenance time: Ability to retrofit means you can use the hammerless CapSure™ system.

Hammerless Tip and Adapter System

Featuring CapSure™ Retention

CapSure™ System features hammerless retention – a swift, simple and safe option for your bucket retention needs. These tips are matched to side-pin adapters, providing the flexibility to use conventional pin retention if your application demands it.

  • Lower operating costs: Side-pin retrofit design used on J-style adapters means the pin is reusable.
  • Enhanced jobsite safety and maintenance time: ¾ inch retainer lock requires no special tools and allows for hammerless installation and removal.
  • Quick and easy change out tips: Positive stop is cast into the tip to prevent over-rotation - just turn 180○ to lock or unlock.
  • Faster installation: Tip and retainer are one system, so there’s no special assembly or extra pieces.

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