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Caterpillar® Fuel, Oil and Transmission Filters


Cat® filters are developed to the exacting standards of Cat equipment. They are designed to ensure consistent and reliable protection of engines, fuel system and transmission from contamination in the course of your machine’s life.

Only Cat Filters have the advanced design features:

  • Acrylic beads to prevent pleat bunching
  • Spiral roving for greater pleat stability
  • A nylon center tube and aluminum top plate to prevent metal contamination
  • Molded end caps to prevent leaks

Cat Filters also have another advanced design feature – a strong one-piece canister. Its engineering design and folded edge make the filter act as one solid whole eliminating leaks and giving it the ability to withstand greater pressures and cold starts.

Acrylic Beads  

Only Cat filters feature acrylic beads to maintain even pleat spacing and prevent bunching – a common problem found in filters of practically all other brands.

Spiral Roving

Cat filters have fiberglass spiral roving that keep media pleats from flexing as fluid travels through the media. This eliminates pleat movement caused by change of pressure.

Filters of other brands have pleats that often flex and release contaminants through the filter media into the clean side – into the oil, fuel or hydraulic liquid – resulting in additional, premature component wear.

Non-Metallic Center Tubes

Unlike other filters, Cat filters use fiberglass-reinforced nylon for center tubes to eliminate a common source of metal contamination of internal surfaces. The non-metallic center tubes are 30% stronger than typical metal tubes.

Only Cat filters have non-metallic center tubes, so they provide better protection of your engine and other components from wear.

Molded End Caps

Molded end caps are made when filter media is inserted into polyurethane during the manufacturing process before it hardens to create a bond that keeps contaminants confined to the dirty side of the filter, which provides more reliable protection of components from contaminants.

Molded end caps in Cat filter eliminate the possibility of gaps, preventing contamination of your engine, transmission and hydraulic system.

Contamination Control

Contaminated fuel is your engine’s number one enemy. This unseen enemy encroaches stealthily and starts taking away engine power, wearing down components with tight clearances and increasing fuel consumption. It is crucial to keep fuel and the fuel system clean. Increased fuel injection pressure and ever tighter clearances make modern diesel engines exceedingly sensitive to contamination of fuel. Clean fuel is necessary to maximize your machine’s performance, fuel efficiency, productivity and ensure extended operation.

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