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Caterpillar® has earned a reputation for building some the world's most reliable engines and transmissions. But that's not the whole story. We leveraged decades of experience in a variety of markets to develop Cat powertrain systems that are performance-matched to meet OEMs application requirements.

When optimized for OEMs application, Cat powertrain systems integrate and communicate with other powertrain components to provide the power, shifting options and ease of operation your customers require. This complete powertrain solution delivers increased fuel efficiency and smooth operation, thus enhancing lifecycle value. The toughness and durability of every Cat powertrain begins with innovative engineering. We work with OEMs in a wide variety of industries around the globe and stand ready to offer the same proven capabilities.


Caterpillar® offers a broad line of inboard and outboard planetary drive axles for heavy duty applications.

Cat® axles provide high durability, low sound levels, and traction control on uneven or poor terrain. Caterpillar offers a wide variety of models and load capacities. Caterpillar's heavy-duty design withstands the type of shock loading that occurs during all-terrain operation.

Heavy-duty design of Cat axles features stronger gears and bearings for durable performance. Duo-cone metal face seals between the axle shafts and housing keep oil in and contaminants out. Oil-disc brakes are adjustment free and fully enclosed. Optional front and rear limited-slip differentials provide maximum traction in poor underfoot or uneven floor conditions. A No-SPIN differential is available to deliver maximum traction in low-traction or inconsistent ground conditions.


We develop each transmission to integrate with other powertrain systems and components.

OEMs in industries as varied as forestry, locomotive, material handling, agriculture and mining rely on Caterpillar to design and manufacture their transmissions. We develop each transmission to integrate with other powertrain systems and components – including the engine, axle, electronics, hydraulics, and operator interface – to deliver maximum power while optimizing the performance of the complete powertrain system.

Leveraging decades of service to the agricultural and related industries, Caterpillar has developed solutions to the challenges facing many of today's original equipment manufacturers. Working with OEMs that service the agricultural industry, Caterpillar produced a new line of high capacity, high efficiency direct-drive transmissions.

Final Drives

The planetary final drives used in Caterpillar® wheel loaders, off-highway trucks, track type tractors, wheel tractor scrapers and log skidders are available to original equipment manufacturers.

The final drives feature:

  1. Single, double and triple reduction configurations
  2. Torque inputs from 2,500 to 25,000 ft. lbs. (3,390 to 33,900 N.m)
  3. A wide selection of gear ratios
  4. Self-lubrication
  5. Longlife metal face seals
  6. Compact design

Torque Converters

Torque Converters matched to engine speed and horsepower can have a significant positive impact on vehicle performance. OEM Solutions Group can offer OEMs the largest selection of convertor types and sizes of any off-highway equipment supplier.

A wide variety of configurations is available to match specific applications.

Standard controls or electric and electronic control arrangements are available to alter engine speed and torque to maximize optional converter configuration features.

Standard converters

Torque dividers

Lock-up clutches

Modulating impellers

Variable capacities

Freewheel options


Optional stall torque ratios

Optional SAE pump drives

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