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Information Security Policy

To implement successfully the concept of our vision: "To be leaders in the business segments we serve, contributing much more than competitors to development and success of our clients", we consider "information" as a corporate asset that needs to be managed in accordance with modern international standards.

In line with our corporate goals and strategies we strive to ensure information security of all operations at the level that meets the requirements of the business. Based on this, our company and all its employees undertake to observe the following principles:

  • Ensure confidentiality of information by providing access to it to the personnel in accordance with competence and responsibilities of such personnel.

  • Prevent unauthorized changes of information to protect its integrity and ensure possibility of detecting unauthorized changes.

  • Ensure accessibility of information to the extent necessary for operations and business processes.

  • Perform assessment of risks connected with information security, control such risks and develop risk management programs to ensure continuous improvement of our information systems.

  • Observe all legal norms and laws connected with information and corresponding principles of Borusan Cat Kazakhstan Group of Companies.

  • Take measures to ensure awareness and competence of our employees and suppliers in the sphere of information security and ensure compliance of their operating activities with our corporate policies.

  • Process incidents connected with breach of information security in accordance with our company’s ethical principles.

  • Use modern technologies for ensuring reliability, accuracy and relevance of information and IT data, ensure taking proper decisions and measures in connection with company and business management.

  • Ensure continuous operation of our information infrastructure in accordance with requirements and needs of our clients and international standards.

  • Take any measures necessary for maintaining confidentiality of information, especially information about clients and personal data, by taking corresponding security measures, including implementation of policies, procedures and advanced technologies.

  • Not to provide access to information without request of such information’s owner or requirements of legal norms and laws.


Yours respectfully
Aman Shakenov
General Director, Borusan Makina Kazakhstan TOO IP