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Competitive market environment is in ongoing progress and imposes new terms and conditions. Appearing new technologies and implementing new machinery and equipment in production require respective qualification or competency of staff. When employees master new knowledge and skills in due time, this provides and ensures effective development of any organisation and supports its ability to compete. That is why success in business depends a lot on opportunities to train and develop your team. That’s why Borusan Cat Kazakhstan has its Training Department since 2005.

This Department consists of 12 highly qualified instructors with competence to train technical specialists of the Company as well as operators of the Customers-companies. For operators the instructors organise training programs which allow them to increase productivity of machines and equipment, reduce idle time and operational costs, increase safety level and ensure maximum benefit from machines and equipment. Training operators is highly responsible work, as a duly trained operator with necessary knowledge and skills comes to be an employee of high value, able to improve processes within the Company and stimulate its market growth through his or her activities. Often times high productivity of machinery and general efficiency of business depend on his or her work. For its own personnel the Company carries out training on unique simulators, designed for independent training of operators-beginners. Simulators help to understand main principles of operating machines (trucks, graders, bulldozers and excavators). Through training the operators acquire skills of work with machinery and equipment, which prevent incorrect operation when it comes to operating real machines and equipment.

Personnel training is an important component of success for the most organisations. Efficiency is the main criterion of training. In order to train employees effectively it is necessary to select suitable types and methods of training.

There are three types of personnel training:

Personnel Training means gaining special knowledge and skills by employees necessary to do a certain work.

Personnel Retraining means gaining new knowledge and skills by employees due to change or switch of profession and changing requirements to his or her profession.

Upgrading a qualification means gaining additional knowledge and skills by employees associated with growing requirements to profession itself.

Also the Training Department gives training to service and maintenance staff at the Customer’s projects. After all it is qualification and readiness of technical team that determines just how promptly any faults in machinery may be removed and how soon such machinery returns to operation. Mastering basic knowledge of machine systems underlies successful completion of service works. Technical specialists who mastered this knowledge are able to conduct analysis of build-up of reasons for any machine faults and troubles, which increases efficiency and promptness of service.

Training is an investment in sustainable development of any company. While in training specialists form skills of safe work and operation and other useful skills, including correct operation of machines. Staff training helps to gain a maximum feedback from such staff, and also to increase value of investments into purchased equipment at the most.