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Cat Landfill Compactors are designed with durability built in, ensuring maximum availability through multiple life cycles. With optimized performance and simplified serviceability, our machines allow you to operate more efficiently and safely. Introduced in 1993, the 836 has been the industry leader for over 20 years. Focused on helping our customers succeed, we have continued to build upon each new series. The 836K continues our legacy of reliability, performance, safety, operator comfort, serviceability, and efficiency.

Operating Weight 55927 kg
Gross Power 419 kW
Net Power 370 kW

Technicial Specifications

Operating Weight 55927 kg
Gross Power 419 kW
Net Power 370 kW
Engine Model C18 Cat®
Bore 145 mm
Stroke 183 mm
Displacement 18.1 l
Low Idle Speed 750 r/min
Gross - SAE J1349 419 kW
Rated Power (Net ISO 14396) 412 kW
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Converter Drive - Torque Rise 52 %
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Converter Drive - Gross Power 370 kW
Maximum Altitude - Without Derating 2286 m
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Direct Drive - Gross Power 370 kW
High Idle Speed 2120 r/min
Net Power - SAE J1349 - Direct Drive - Torque Rise 52 %
Rated Power (Lab) 414 kW
Maximum Gross Torque - 1,300 rpm 3085 N·m
Emissions Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final or Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent
Front Planetary – Fixed
Rear Planetary – Oscillating
Oscillation Angle 13°
Service Refill Capacities
Fuel Tank 793 l
Cooling System 107 l
Crankcase 60 l
Transmission 120 l
Diesel Engine Fluid Tank (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final) 32.8 l
Differential - Final Drives - Rear 190 l
Differential - Final Drives - Front 186 l
Hydraulic System - Tank Only 240 l
Dimensions (Approximate)
Height - Top of Cab with A/C 4655 mm
Height - Top of Exhaust Pipe 4608 mm
Height - Top of Hood 3421 mm
Ground Clearance - Bumper 1029 mm
Centerline of Rear Axle to Edge of Counterweight 3187 mm
Hitch to Centerline of Front Axle 2275 mm
Wheel Base 4550 mm
Width - Over Wheels 4280 mm
Height - ROPS/Canopy 4284 mm
Height - Top of Cab with Strobe 4845 mm
Length - With Blade on Ground - Straight Blade 10182 mm
Turning Radius - Inside of Wheels 3635 mm
Ground Clearance 632 mm
Travel Speed - Reverse - Converter 2nd 10.4 km/h
Travel Speed - Forward - Lockup 2nd 11.7 km/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Lockup 2nd 12.3 km/h
Travel Speed - Forward - Lockup 1st 6.5 km/h
Transmission Type Cat Planetary Powershift
Travel Speed - Forward - Converter 1st 6.2 km/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Converter 1st 6.5 km/h
Travel Speed - Forward - Converter 2nd 10.9 km/h
Travel Speed - Reverse - Lockup 1st 6.9 km/h
Hydraulic System
Steering System Double Acting – End Mounted
Stroke (1) 740 mm
Bore (1) 127 mm
Vehicle Articulation Angle 86°
Bore (2) 137.9 mm
Maximum Supply Pressure 32000 kPa
Stroke (2) 1021 mm
Main Relief Pressure 24100 kPa
Lift System Double Acting Cylinder
Pump Flow at 2,006 rpm 250 l/min
Hydraulic System Flow Sharing Implement
Braking System
Parking Brake Spring Applied, Hydraulic Released
Control System Full Hydraulic Split Circuit
Interior Sound Level - Standard 72 dB(A)
Exterior Sound Level - Suppression 109 dB(A)
Interior Sound Level - Suppression 71 dB(A)
Exterior Sound Level - Standard 111 dB(A)
Operating Specifications
Maximum Operating Weight (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final) - Multiple Blade and Wheel Offerings 55927 kg
Maximum Operating Weight (Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent) - Multiple Blade and Wheel Offerings 55617 kg
Operating Weight - With Full Tank Capacities and U-Blade (Tier 3/Stage IIIA Equivalent) 55617 kg
Operating Weight - With Full Tank Capacities and U-Blade (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final) 55927 kg
Hydraulic System - Steering
Total Steering Angle 86 degrees
Steering Pressure Limited 24100 kPa
Steering System - Circuit Steering Double Acting – End Mounted
Steering System - Pump Piston – Variable Displacement
Maximum Flow at × rpm 52 L/min @ 2,006 rpm
Wheels and Tips
Diameter - With Tips 2125 mm
Drum Diameter 1770 mm
Drum Width 1400 mm
Tips per Wheel 40

Advantages and Features


  • Impeller Clutch Torque Converter (ICTC) reduces wheel slippage and tip wear by modulating rim pull from 100 to 20 percent while depressing left pedal. After 20 percent rim pull is achieved the left pedal applies the brake.
  • Reduces wheel slippage without reducing hydraulic efficiency.
  • Improves fuel efficiency with its lock-up clutch torque converter providing direct drive.
  • Steering and Transmission Integrated Control System (STIC™) enhances operator comfort by integrating steering and transmission control functions in a single lever. Includes finger-controlled gear selection.
  • Low-effort integrated controls deliver faster cycles and help reduce operator fatigue.
  • The 836K's Steering System offers precise machine control enabled by its load-sensing hydraulic steering system.
  • Provides increased efficiency by use of variable displacement piston pumps.
  • Delivers precise positioning for easy operation in tight areas with 43 degree articulation in each direction.
  • Electro hydraulic controls increase productivity with responsive implements feature. Operate comfortably with easy-to-use soft-detent controls.
  • Variable displacement load sensing hydraulic piston pumps improve efficiency with new flow sharing implement and steering system.


  • Designed and made with purpose-built structures to remain safe and durable for the long run.
  • Full box-section rear frame resists torsional shock and twisting forces.
  • Heavy-duty steering cylinder mounts efficiently conduct steering loads into the frame.
  • Axle mounting, lower hitch pin, frame plate, and bearing size have all been increased for longer life.


  • Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System (APECS) delivers consistent, smooth shifting and efficiency through integrated electronic controls.
  • Strategic use of metallurgy and heat treating ensures long-life gears.
  • The Cat C18 engine is designed for maximum fuel efficiency and increased power density.
  • Two engine options are available to meet Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final or Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent emission standards. (depending upon market).
  • Integrated systems intelligently lower working engine speeds and reduce overall system heat loads resulting in improved performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Engine idle shutdown reduces fuel waste during idling periods.
  • Delayed engine shutdown maximizes durability.


  • New long-life Paddle and Plus design tip options.
  • Up to 40% longer life.
  • Purpose designed for Cat Landfill Compactors.
  • Improved machine performance.
  • Improved traction.
  • Longer wear life.
  • Four new wheel and tip configurations to meet your application: paddle tip for traction and fuel economy, plus tip for increased side-slope stability,combination of both to optimize performance in your conditions, or diamond tip for the longest life tip on the market and a reputation to match.


  • Pressurized cab sits on isolation mounts improving comfort and reducing sound.
  • Cab features a convenient floor storage tray/lunch box.
  • Cat Comfort Series III Seat includes mid-back design, thick, contoured cushions, air suspension, six-way adjustments, and a seat-mounted implement pod and STIC steer that moves with the seat for optimal control.
  • Control panel gives operators the information and controls for safer and time-saving settings.
  • STIC control simplicity provides maximum responsiveness and control with STIC that combines directional selection, gear selection and steering into a single lever.


  • Cat Compaction Control system uses Machine Drive Power (MDP) technology to measure rolling resistance and correlates it with landfill compaction. 3D mapping indicates where to work and when layers are at optimum density. The system eliminates voids, optimizes cell space and documents results.
  • VisionLink 3D Project Monitoring provides managers with detailed compaction analysis to more effectively monitor and manage operations.
  • DETECT technologies help keep people and equipment safe by keeping operator aware of the work area and by monitoring and reporting unsafe conditions, like avoidance zones.
  • COMPACT technologies combine advanced compaction measurement, in-cab guidance and reporting capabilities to help you consistently meet compaction targets fast, uniformly, and in fewer passes.
  • Rear vision camera greatly enhances visibility behind the machine to help the operator work with greater confidence and at peak potential while keeping people and assets safe.
  • Product Link is deeply integrated into your machine, giving you access to information like machine location, hours, fuel usage, idle time and event codes via the online VisionLink user interface. Helps effectively manage fleet and lower operating costs.


  • Railings, ladders and non-slip surfaces enhance technician and operator safety.
  • Rearview camera with in-cab monitor increases operator awareness around the machine.
  • Reduced vibrations to the operator with isolated cab mounts and seat mounted implement and steering controls.
  • Low interior sound levels.
  • Pressurized cab with filtered air.
  • Engine and power train guards prevent trash build-up and shield components.
  • Front frame guards prevent trash build-up inside the frame and protects components and hydraulic lines.
  • Axle wrapping and seal guarding prevents material from wrapping and binding around the axles and assists when cleaning is needed.
  • Transmission oil tube is guarded to resist damage from debris.
  • The fuel tank is positioned away from the debris in the front frame and is easily accessed.
  • High radiator air inlet with screen helps prevent trash from entering the radiator area, maintaining proper airflow and aiding debris to fall off.
  • Striker bars and optional cleaner fingers are located in front and behind the rear wheels and behind the front wheels. Striker bars help to keep wheels free of debris to assist the wheel tips in maintaining good compaction.
  • In cohesive material or severe packing conditions, optional cleaner fingers are available to further assist in keeping the wheel tips clean.
  • Roof extends past the cab doors and windows to minimize debris build up.
  • Suction fan allows ambient air to cool, enhancing cooling capacity. It also pressurizes the engine compartment, preventing trash build up.


  • More fuel efficient that previous model.
  • Engine Idle Shutdown can help you save fuel by avoiding unnecessary idling.
  • The 836K is built to be rebuilt, maximizing machine life, and minimizing environmental impact. Get the most from your investment, with our sustainable options including Cat Reman and Certified Rebuild programs. With these programs, remanufactured components deliver cost savings of 40 to 70 percent, lowering operating costs while also reducing waste and minimizing the need for raw materials.


  • Safe and convenient service via ground level or platform access to daily service points.
  • Ground level swing-out reversing fan for easy inspection and cleanout.
  • Swing-out doors on both sides of engine compartment provide easy access to daily service checks.
  • Ecology drains for ease of service and prevention of spills.
  • Reduce downtime with VIMS™ system notifications so operators and technicians can resolve problems before failure.
  • Sight gauges mean quick visual inspection and minimize fluid contamination.
  • Pressurized, temperature controlled engine compartment prevents small debris from entering and prevents extreme temperatures in the compartment.
  • Cat dealers keep you running with preventive maintenance programs, maintenance contracts, best-in-class parts availability and operator training support.

Standard Equipment

  • NOTE
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
    • Advanced Productivity Electronic Control Shifting (APECS)
    • Air to air aftercooler
    • Brakes, fully hydraulic, enclosed, wet multiple disc brakes
    • Cat Clean Emission Module, insulated (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final)
    • Electro hydraulic parking brake
    • Engine, Cat C18: – Tier 4 Final/Stage IV/Korea Tier 4 Final – Tier 3/Stage IIIA equivalent
    • Fuel priming pump, electric
    • Fuel to air cooler
    • Ground level engine shutoff
    • Guard (3 piece) transmission
    • Heat shield, turbo and exhaust manifold
    • Hydraulically driven demand fan
    • Integrated braking
    • Radiator, Aluminum Modular Radiator (AMR)
    • Separated cooling system
    • Starting aid (ether) automatic
    • Throttle lock
    • Torque converter with lockup clutch (LUC)
    • Turbine precleaner, engine air intake
    • Transmission, planetary, with 2F/2R speed range control
    • Underhood ventilation system
    • Alarm, back-up
    • Alternator, 150 amp
    • Batteries, maintenance-free (4-1,000 CCA)
    • Converter, 10-15 amp, 24V to 12V
    • Lighting system, halogen (front and rear)
    • Lighting, access stairway
    • Starter, electric (heavy duty)
    • Starter lockout (ground level)
    • Starting receptacle for emergency start
    • Transmission lockout (ground level)
    • Air conditioner
    • Cab, sound-suppressed and pressurized
    • Internal four-post rollover protective structure (ROPS/FOPS)
    • Radio ready for (entertainment) includes antenna, speakers and converter (12V, 10-15 amp) 12V power port for mobile phone or laptop connection
    • Camera, rear vision
    • Coat and hard hat hooks
    • Flip-up armrest
    • Heater and defroster
    • Horn, electric
    • Hydraulic controls (floor mounted)
    • Implement hydraulic lockout
    • Laminated glass
    • Light, (dome) cab
    • Lunchbox and beverage holders
    • Instrumentation, Gauges: – DEF fluid level (Tier 4 Final/Stage IV) – Hydraulic oil temperature – Speedometer/tachometer – Torque converter temperature
    • Instrumentation, Warning Indicators: – Action alert system, three category – Axle/brake oil temp, front – Brake oil pressure – Electrical system, low voltage – Engine failure malfunction alert and action lamp
    • Mirrors, rearview (externally mounted)
    • Parking brake status
    • Radio, CB (ready)
    • Seat, Cat Comfort, (cloth) air suspension
    • Seat belt, retractable, 76 mm (3") wide
    • STIC Control System with steering lock
    • Sun visor, front
    • Tinted glass
    • Transmission gear (indicator)
    • Vital Information Management System (VIMS) with graphical information display: external data port, customizable operator profiles
    • Wet-arm wipers/washers (front and rear)
    • Intermittent wipers (front and rear)
    • Wheels, paddle, plus, combination, and diamond wheel configurations
    • Guards, axle (front and rear)
    • Guards, cab window
    • Guards, crankcase and power train, hydraulically powered
    • Guards, rear fan and grill
    • Bulldozer arrangement is included in the standard equipment. Bulldozer blades are optional.
    • Antifreeze, premixed 50% concentration of extended life coolant with freeze protection to –34° C (–29° F)
    • Auto Blade Positioner (ABP)
    • Demand fan/swing out (hydraulic reversible)
    • Doors, service access locking
    • Ecology drains for engine, radiator, hydraulic tank
    • Electronic clutch pressure control and remote mounted pressure taps
    • Emergency platform egress
    • Engine, crankcase, 250 hour interval with CJ-4 oil
    • Fuel tank, 793 L (210 gal)
    • Hitch, drawbar with pin
    • Hoses, Cat XT™
    • Hydraulic oil cooler
    • Hydraulic, steering and brake filtration/screening system
    • Oil sampling valves
    • Product Link
    • Stairways, fixed-L/R (rear access)
    • Steering, load sensing
    • Vandalism protection caplocks
    • Venturi stack

Optional Equipment

  • NOTE
    • Standard and optional equipment may vary. Consult your Cat dealer for details.
  • Various blades:
    • Straight blade
    • U-blade
    • Semi U-blade
  • Various tip and wheel arrangements:
    • Paddle
    • Plus
    • Diamond