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Engine Testing Workshop

The engines, which are subject to revision by trained and qualified personnel, are tested by being connected to the dynamometer before they are installed in the machine. During this test, the power and torque of the revised engine is measured and compared with the standard values and the fine adjustments are made to ensure the highest engine performance. Thus, 100% quality control of all the revised motors in the workshop is carried out before being installed in the machine.

Pump Test Workshop (Fuel Pump and Injector Test)

In this unit, the engine fuel system is adapted to the catalog values on modern machines, ensuring that the customer gets the highest efficiency from the engine and fuel waste is prevented.

During the engine overhaul, all auxiliary equipment such as fuel pump, injectors, water pump, starter motor, alternator and turbo are subjected to the necessary controls without being optional and revised. These operations are included in the engine overhaul fee and there is no additional fee for the works performed. 

Pallet Press

Oiled and dry type chains are revised in accordance with the specifications and are offered to the customer with the highest chain life. 

Cylinder Revision and Honing Machine

Hydraulic cylinders of all sizes are dismantled on modern, high-tech machines, all controls are performed and the necessary ones are honed.

After collection, cylinders are subjected to internal leakage test and 100% service quality control is performed. 

Welding Workshop (Welding works and undercarriage renovation)

In the welding workshop, economical solutions are produced by welding the direction caster and rollers by using submerged arc welding method by using Caterpillar welding wire of suitable hardness. Optionally, various buckets or apparatus can be manufactured.

Oven Paint Booth

With the help of the oven paint booth, which is in compliance with the standards, the damaged parts of all the machines that come to our workshop can be painted completely or partially with original Cat paint in new machine quality. Painted and changed labels on your machines, the new machine will take the form of the new machine at the same time sales value increases.

Pollution Control

Pollution Control is a set of practices and rules that limit pollution and reduce it to an acceptable level in all service process steps.

Pollution Control is ensured by following the Kur Cleaning Rules siz under the four main headings of, Design, Production, Maintenance, Repair and Operation aş stages of each machine and component under the responsibility of Caterpillar, Borusan Makina and you, our customers: Clean Workshop, Clean Process Steps, Clean Component and Clean Oil.

Using today's high-tech components, Caterpillar machines require superior service knowledge and meticulous work habits. This precision adds value to your machine.
The Pollution Control Program is an essential part of the new service concept.

Among CAT representatives, Borusan Makina is one of the leading representatives of all workshops with Caterpillar's highest rating of 5 stars. Service personnel authorized by CAT are responsible to CAT and customers in the coordination and implementation of the program.

The pollution control program also includes system cleaning, particle counting and SOS scheduled oil analysis during our external service activities. For more detailed information about our pollution control program and our SOS oil analysis services, please contact your sales representative or your nearest service department.

What is pollution?

Pollution is everything in the oil that does not belong to it. Particle pollution is the most common. These; metal, welding slag, paint particles, fibers, sealing elements, and only a few microns in size. One micron is one millionth of a meter.

Heat, water, air and other liquids are also pollutants. When these pollutants come together, they degrade the chemical structure of the oil and cause it to become oxidizing and acidic.

Particle contamination and chemical change of oil cause premature failure of the machine. Thanks to our expertise, we guarantee the hydraulic system of your machine after every maintenance or revision. At the same time, we monitor the condition of the oil with SOS Programed Oil Analysis.

Applications Covered by Pollution Control :

  • It follows that the oils meet Caterpillar standards by particle counting.
  • It filters all new oils and, if necessary, cleans them by filtering them.
  • Oil cleaning is above the required standards.
  • Component and hoses are cleaned and kept clean
  • Dismantling and component revision areas are kept clean.
  • Dismantling and revision operations are carried out in special areas.
  • The parts are stored in their original packaging until they are used.
  • All parts are dust insulated.
  • The cleanliness and order of the workshop and external service vehicles are perfect.
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